About famouskbd:

  • We started operation in 2019 and founded famouskbd store. In the past, we have made continuous efforts to optimize our store. Now it is very mature and has a complete and fast supply chain, including design, production and transportation. You can make full use of our resources so that you can get more benefits and help to fully display the goods you want. We can accept customized whole keyboard, key cap, switch, mouse pad and related keyboard accessories.

Cooperation mode:

  • You can provide your design drawings, let us produce for you and ask the manufacturers you need, or we can provide you with design (charge design fees separately) and complete the manufacturing. At present, there are many manufacturers we cooperate with, covering 80% of the main manufacturers on the market, and the price ranges from low to high, whether low-quality products or high-quality products, Basically meet your requirements.
    We can also provide your distribution plan in China, including transportation.


  • each customized product has MOQ and customization requirements. If you are not sure whether you can customize it, you can contact us!

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