1. If a refund is required due to the buyer's reason, and the product is not used, the outer package is intact. You can choose return refund, but you need to pay the freight back to China. Generally speaking, we will deduct $20 from your payment as compensation for losses
  2.  If you do not communicate or have no reason to refuse, we will refuse to refund or return. Or deduct corresponding expenses from the payment as loss compensation.
  3. If it is the seller's or product quality problem or non-human damage problem, we will be responsible for the transportation expenses of return and replacement.
  4.  All returned products need to be packaged to ensure that the products and packaging are in good condition. (does not affect our secondary sales)
  5. All products returned to China should be inspected by us for completeness. If there is any damage or any part deemed to be damaged, we will choose to deduct part of the payment or not refund. (usually, a video can be provided to remove the package)
  6.  All refunds will be refunded within 7 days after receiving the product and ensuring that the product is in good condition (if there is no problem, it shall be refunded in time)

           Return standard 

            Refund policy
          a do not accept unreasonable return service
          b For more than 7 days, our return policy is as follows:

           1. Keyboard products support the warranty within the specified time, but cannot be returned or exchanged. Non-electronic products will not be returned or exchanged.

           2. Returns
           a) As long as the logistics damage occurred at the time of purchase, or damage before signing, please reject it, we will refund or exchange the goods for you unconditionally.
           b) We do not accept refunds or exchanges for reasons other than quality issues or product integrity
           c) If you need to return the product, please mail it according to the return address to ensure that the goods can be sent to us

           3. Returns will not be accepted in the following cases:
    * Products that have been used for a period of time or have been damaged due to your personal reasons
    *Missing product original label, tag
    *Missing gifts and accessories included with the product
    *Missing merchandise or gifts included
    *Exceeded the deadline for return requirements
    *The mall only processes returns from mall orders, not from other sources

           Other considerations:
    *When returning a product, the original condition of the original purchase must be maintained
    *If you can return the outer packaging, we will be very grateful.
    *Please return the product warranty card at the same time if you return the product. If it contains an invoice, please return it together with the product
    *Partial returns are not accepted for set products
    *When your return application is approved, please submit your real and effective return express information in time to avoid affecting your return processing time

    Return address

    Please return the goods sent by us completely
    Name: Guo Qiang
    Phone: +86 15060283754
    Address: China, Guangdong Province, Huizhou City, Huiyang District, Dayawan West District, Longshan 3rd Road, No. 68, Jinhewan
    Zip code:516083