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Ceke87 mechanical keyboard cherry axis game keyboard supports Bluetooth dual-modeMAC/Windows/Linux

Support Mac and win dual systems, support macro setting of programming keys

PBT double color key cap is used in the whole series

Mac shortcut key lock win function swapping caps and Ctrl functions

5 devices can be switched at any time in Bluetooth mode

FN+Q/W/E/R/T Dual mode support

5 kinds of cherry shaft

Black axis, red axis, tea axis, green axis, silent red axis

RGB,White light can be displayed when the cable is plugged in

For better air shipping control, we take out the battery before packing it.


- Keyboard reset: Fn + spacebar for 5s;

- Fn+ Win = Win lock/unlock;

- Fn + left Alt = Win/Alt changeover;

- Fn + Caps = Caps/Ctrl changeover;

- Fn + A = Win system, Fn +S = Mac system;

- Fn + 1/2/3 = Lighting on /breathing/off ( only in wired connection );

- Fn + upper/lower arrows = lighting iluminations.

Bluetooth Pairing:

1, put on battery and turn on the switch;

2. Turn on BT searching on your BT device. Press Fn + Q/W/E/R/T, then press Fn +P for 3s ( indicator flashing );

3. Pair on your BT device for CEKE M87. Click to pair.

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