NIZ Micro 82 EC Keyboard and RGB

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Niz keyboard is one of the most popular capacitive keyboard. Micro82。Reasonable and quick layout makes it very convenient and enjoyable for you to use the keyboard. There are many versions for you to choose.

The new switch and the enhanced fixing plate, as well as the improved printed circuit board, are the advantages of micro series, which can not be ignored, and can be perfectly compatible with MX key cap, so the buyer can have more DIY space

Colour:white grey keycaps
Interface type:Type-c connector
Bluetooth connection mode:See the small circle,touch and hold the circle meanwhile press Fn+Bluetooth key
Size: Length *Width*Height(31cm*13.3cm*2.5cm) Weight: 995g
Spring:10g/20g (Default 40-50pcs)
Switch: 35g/45g Electro Capacitive
Currently niz have 66 / 68 / 82 / 84 / 87 / 108keys for the electronic capacitive keyboard, you can buy according to your own preferences!

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